Palante Solutions developers and consultants love building applications. Throughout the years, we have been exposed to a great number of technology platforms and although we can do more than what is listed below, our clients tell us that we do best in the following categories:

Customized development

You have IBM Lotus Notes and you would like to use it to its full potential, right? Well, let us show you what we can do. With over 40 years of accumulated experience using IBM Lotus Notes, our developers can make your investment in Lotus Notes the best decision you have ever made.

We believe every company has its own way of managing its business. When you invest in the Lotus Notes framework, you will have the advantage of creating your very own applications that work as you liked them to work and not the way some off-the-shelf products force you to work.

Our team of developers and architects can dramatically help you to get up to speed with this technology. We have extensive experience using the following IBM Lotus based products:

  • Lotus Connections
  • Lotus Domino Document Manager
  • Lotus Enterprise Integration
  • Lotus Expeditor
  • Lotus Forms
  • Lotus Mobile Connect
  • Lotus Notes/Domino
  • Lotus Quickr
  • Lotus Sametime
  • Lotus Symphony
  • Lotus Workflow
Code upgrades and support

One of the things that makes Palante Solutions a great company that is that we are committed to providing the best possible support you can get. Our team of developers understand that every product goes through its own “life cycle”. Sometimes applications we have built could function fine for years but others require more attention due to technology upgrades or change in business processes. Either way, we stand by your side and let you know what your options are at all times. If the day comes when Lotus Notes does no longer makes sense for your organization, we will help you migrate or integrate into another platform.

Our clients use our comprehensive support agreements because they are written with common sense in mind. We have three levels of support that depending on the urgency of the matter, our clients can decide how best to utilize them.

End user training

How good is a solution if end-users do not know to how it works? End-user training is by far the most important aspect of deploying IBM Lotus Notes. Our experience has taught us that end-users learn in different ways and at different speed. Some users are self-taught and like to learn by reading from a manual. Others like hands-on and learn better by doing things. Depending on what your company learning style is, we can accommodate for your requirements.

  • Classroom style training. Palante can make special arrangements to either train your users in-house or deliver the training in a professional training facility.
  • Self-taught training. Palante Solutions has partnered with training content providers to provide you with all the manuals, and databases that your staff can use to learn at their own pace.
  • Lunch and learn sessions. Our trainers are prepared to provide you with lunch and learn sessions for your internal staff. These session are highly effective as your staff can bring forward their questions and issues so we can openly discuss them and address them so everyone can learn.
  • Remote Training Sessions. Palante offers webinars and screen share sessions for staff that work remotely. We recognize that in occasions the most important users like sales representatives are always on the go and have little time to learn new things. We have done remote training sessions for these mobile users so they can be more productive with the tools without having to commute for the training.
Blackberry integration

Lets face it. Integrating Lotus Notes with Blackberries is neither simple nor cheap to do. There is a lot to be taking into consideration, including data integrity, user interface and most importantly on going maintenance. At Palante, we make the integration simple. We have created integration tools that allows your existing Lotus Notes applications be securely exposed to the Blackberry browser. Our tool is easy to use and implement, does not require third-party integration, and could be used for other devices such as iPhones.

MS Office integration

Whether you like it or not, MS Office seems to be installed in every other desktop. End-users are comfortable using it and many companies use it as the standard to send docs abroad. Our developers have integrated Lotus Notes with MS Office using many techniques. The most common ones are exporting and reporting in Excel, creating MS Word documents based on Lotus Notes databases and importing into Lotus Notes from any MS Office solution. We have seen it all. Our developers can assist you with creating integration points with MS Office in ways you never thought possible.

Reporting and charting

When you work with Lotus Notes, you will soon realize that reporting and charting is not one its strength. That is because Lotus Notes since its inception was designed to minimize the need to print on paper. However, the need to generate hard reports and charts for management still remain strong. At Palante, we either use MS Excel reporting and charting features or we integrate Lotus Notes with 3rd party vendors like IntelliPRINT and IntelliVIEW solutions.

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